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Alien vs. Predator


Lance Henriksen. Photo: 20th Century Fox

An expedition heads to Antarctica hoping to find ancient ruins underneath the ice; the mission is successful, but they also run into two species of monsters. The man who gave us Resident Evil (2002) delivers an even emptier experience; who’d have thought getting two famous movie monsters to fight each other would be this dull? Not for a second does it look like we’re on Antarctica, the characters are boring and the fights look a little too mechanical to excite us.

2004-U.S.-U.K.-Germany-Czech Republic. 101 min. Color. Widescreen. Written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. Cast: Sanaa Lathan (Alexa Woods), Raoul Bova (Sebastian de Rosa), Lance Henriksen (Charles Bishop Weyland), Ewen Bremner, Colin Salmon, Tommy Flanagan. 

Trivia: Alternative title: AVP: Alien vs. Predator. Also available in a 115 min. version. Co-produced by Walter Hill. Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly briefly considered making an appearance in the film. Followed by Aliens vs. Predator – Requiem (2007).

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