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Tom Prior and Oleg Zagorodnii. Photo: Roadside Attractions

In 1970s Estonia, a newly arrived fighter pilot (Oleg Zagorodnii) begins a love affair with a private (Tom Prior), but they are constantly in danger of being exposed. Homosexuality was even less accepted in the Soviet Union than it is now in modern Russia; obviously, as a result the nation is full of tragic love stories. This one was based on actual events and follows a sadly familiar pattern where one of the lovers ends up being trapped in a marriage with a woman. Moderately engaging at times, but uneven and void of surprises.

2021-U.K.-Estonia. 107 min. Color. Directed by Peeter Rebane. Screenplay: Peeter Rebane, Tom Prior. Book: Sergey Fetisov (”The Story of Roman”). Cast: Tom Prior (Sergey Serebrennikov), Oleg Zagorodnii (Roman Matvejev), Diana Pozharskaya (Luisa), Jake Thomas Henderson, Margus Prangel, Nicholas Woodeson.

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