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David Thewlis and Olivia Colman. Photo: HBO

After living in France for a year, the Edwardses (Olivia Colman, David Thewlis) are in need of money and an unfortunate phone call to England becomes the start of a police investigation into a double homicide. The two stars are wonderful as the quaint couple who in 2014 were sentenced to life in prison for having murdered and buried Susan’s parents in their backyard, a crime that went undetected for 15 years. A darkly offbeat series where we’re drawn into Susan’s movie-crazed fantasies. But just as often as we’re entertained, we’re also distracted from real emotions.

2021-U.K.-U.S. 183 min. Color-B/W. Created and written by Ed Sinclair. Directed by Will Sharpe. Cast: Olivia Colman (Susan Edwards), David Thewlis (Christopher Edwards), Kate O’Flynn (Emma Lancing), Dipo Ola, Daniel Rigby, Samuel Anderson.

Trivia: Originally shown in four episodes. Co-executive produced by Colman. 

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