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Val Kilmer. Photo: A24

Regardless of Val Kilmer’s throat cancer, this documentary would probably have been made sooner or later. This is because the star has covered his own life through a camera since he was a kid. Directors Ting Poo and Leo Scott have done a terrific job putting the material together, taking us through Kilmer’s career in Hollywood while also showing us what his life looks like today, attending fan conventions (he’s a Batman, after all), spending time with his children Mercedes and Jack, and struggling with the severe consequences of his illness. Since Kilmer has been more or less robbed of his voice, Jack stands in as his narrative alter ego. A touching, vivid portrait of an actor who hasn’t always rubbed people the right way.

2021-U.S. 108 min. Color. Produced by Ali Alborzi, Andrew Fried, Val Kilmer, Brad Koepenick, Dane Lillegard, Ting Poo, Leo Scott, Jordan Wynn. Directed and edited by Ting Poo, Leo Scott. Narrated by Jack Kilmer.

Last word: “[Kilmer] was having [his home movies] stored properly, but it was a source of stress in a way. Some of these formats were probably decaying, becoming obsolete. He and his brothers were making movies when they were kids and there were even old film reels back then that hadn’t even been seen or transferred.” (Scott, Gold Derby)

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