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Edvin Endre. Photo: Netflix

The story of how an innovative idea was turned into the streaming-service behemoth the world knows as Spotify, at a time when the music industry struggled with illegal downloading. The miniseries takes us through all the technical and legal hurdles that the entrepreneurs and their allies had to jump over, but nevertheless remains focused on the human drama as egos on both sides of the battle clash; Edvin Endre is particularly good as a man who changes the system, but still becomes the kind of mogul he once despised. Slickly produced; the series gains greater depth by granting each major character their own episode, their own viewpoint.

2022-Sweden-U.K. 347 min. Color. Developed by Christian Spurrier, Luke Franklin. Book: Sven Carlsson, Jonas Leijonhufvud (”Spotify Untold”). Cast: Edvin Endre (Daniel Ek), Ulf Stenberg (Per Sundin), Christian Hillborg (Martin Lorentzon), Gizem Erdogan, Janice Kavander, Joel Lützow… Valter Skarsgård, Amy Deasismont, Felice Jankell, Reuben Sallmander.

Trivia: Originally shown in six episodes. 

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