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Terrifier 2


David Howard Thornton. Photo: Dark Age Cinema

A year after the murders in the first Terrifier (2018), a teenage girl (Lauren LaVera) and her younger brother (Elliott Fullam) spend Halloween battling Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton). As the original film built a cult audience, the director went all in for the sequel, creating an epic slasher movie packed with gruesome, inventive killings; one of the most sadistic scenes even involves a full-body animatronic puppet. Funny and disgusting, surprisingly well-paced until the inevitably protracted finale. Deliberately more of a ”video nasty” than the ”elevated” horror of contemporary times. 

2022-U.S. 138 min. Color. Written, directed and edited by Damien Leone. Cast: Lauren LaVera (Sienna Shaw), Elliott Fullam (Jonathan Shaw), Sarah Voigt (Barbara Shaw), David Howard Thornton (Art the Clown), Amelie McLain, Chris Jericho.

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