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The Conference


Photo: Menemsha Films

The third TV movie to depict the infamous 1942 conference in a villa on Lake Wannsee where leading Nazis discussed the practical matters of their ”final solution” adds nothing new to the 1984 and 2001 versions, even if it goes on a little longer, showing Gestapo leader Heinrich Müller’s (Jakob Diehl) preparations before the start of the conference. Released on the 80th anniversary of this historic event, the film may be the least remarkable of the three but nevertheless a chilling, well-acted adaptation of the only surviving protocol that has become like a play that returns again and again.

2022-Germany. 108 min. Color. Directed by Matti Geschonneck. Cast: Philipp Hochmair (Reinhard Heydrich), Johannes Allmayer (Adolf Eichmann), Jakob Diehl (Heinrich Müller), Maximilian Brückner, Godehard Giese, Matthias Bundschuh.

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