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Margarita Levieva and David Tennant. Photo: ITV

The first episode of this British crime drama shows the 2006 poisoning of Russian defector Alexander Litvinenko in London; the rest of the series follows the Metropolitan Police as they try to find the murderers and investigate the obvious Moscow leads. Made in collaboration with Litvinenko’s widow, the series crafts a sympathetic portrait of her struggle to find justice, and illustrates in chilling ways how Russia has essentially become a Mafia state that feels free to play any game it likes. David Tennant is a convincing Litvinenko and Mark Bonnar leads a likable squad on Putin’s trail. 

2022-U.K. 184 min. Color. Directed by Jim Field Smith. Teleplay: George Kay. Cast: David Tennant (Alexander Litvinenko), Margarita Levieva (Marina Litvinenko), Mark Bonnar (Clive Timmons), Neil Maskell, Stephen Campbell Moore, Simon Paisley Day.

Trivia: Originally shown in four episodes. 

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