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Maya Nilo (Laura)

Nadja Rosenberg and Zhala. Photo: TriArt

Maya (Zhala) is headed to Portugal to see her mother who’s dying of cancer; it wasn’t the plan, but soon her sister (Bahar Pars) and niece (Nadja Rosenberg) join the road trip. A directing debut portraying a fractured relationship between three family members: an unstable singer, a feminist writer who can’t seem to get along with… anyone… and a rebellious but naive 13-year-old. Pars is fine in a movie that constantly threatens to turn its characters into mere caricatures. The film doesn’t seem to know where it’s headed… but it’s entertaining, with a solid electronic song score.

2022-Sweden-Finland-Belgium. 97 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed and edited by Lovisa Sirén. Screenplay: Lovisa Sirén, Peter Modestij. Cast: Bahar Pars (Nilo), Zhala (Maya), Nadja Rosenberg (Laura), Susan Taslimi, Fredrik Lycke, Matteo Lima Alves.

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