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Silvana Imam. Photo: TrustNordisk

Two siblings (Silvana Imam, Philip Oros) spend their days and nights looking for food and somewhere to sleep; when they’re offered to serve as drivers for what turns out to be a human trafficking ring, they accept. In her feature film debut, the director was inspired by Lukas Moodysson’s horrifying depiction of prostitution, Lilya 4-Ever (2002). The impact of this film isn’t quite as nightmarish, because of its beautiful neon cinematography and a less effective second half. Still, well made; the film’s chief asset is the acting debut of rap star Imam who’s convincing as the protective sister.

2023-Sweden. 84 min. Color. Written and directed by Isabella Carbonell. Cinematography: Maja Dennhag. Cast: Silvana Imam (Sister), Philip Oros (Brother), Emma Lu (Yubi), Mia Lu, Henrik Norlén, Lukas Malinauskas… Carla Sehn.

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