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Comedy Queen

Sigrid Johnson. Photo: SF Studios

13-year-old Sasha (Sigrid Johnson) and her dad (Oscar Töringe) deal with the death of their mom and wife in different ways; while he can’t stop crying, she’s turning to standup comedy. The second one of two Jenny Jägerfeld novels to be filmed in 2022; as in So Damn Easy Going, we follow the plight of a troubled teenage girl. Johnson is very good as the kid whose stubborn choices in her grief bring her on a collision course with friends and family. Moving and well-made entertainment for a young audience. The author’s perceptive grip on the story, combined with the filmmakers’ visual touch, is a perfect match.

2022-Sweden. 93 min. Color. Produced by Anna Anthony, Rebecka Lafrenz. Directed by Sanna Lenken. Screenplay: Linn Gottfridsson. Novel: Jenny Jägerfeld. Cinematography: Simon Pramsten. Cast: Sigrid Johnson (Sasha), Oscar Töringe (Abbe), Iggy Malmborg (Ossie), Anna Bjelkerud, Camila Bejarano Wahlgren, Alexandro Soltani.

Last word: “I met [Jenny Jägerfeld] once before starting shooting. I wanted to present myself and my work, and it was important for me to know that she knew intimately what she was talking about in the book. The story had some personal resonance to her, as it was loosely based on real-life experiences from some relatives. We actually cried when we met. We discussed children and grief, the fact that for an adult, a child’s reaction to grief might not seem logical, but we have to respect that. After that encounter, I felt the whole story was very honest.” (Lenken, Nordisk TV & Film Fond)

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