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We Have a Ghost


Isabella Russo, Jahi Winston and David Harbour. Photo: Netflix

When the Presleys move into their new home, they soon learn that it is haunted by a ghost called ”Ernest” (David Harbour)… who turns into a social-media phenomenon. A change of pace for the Happy Death Day director who delivered a family-friendly and schmaltzy story about a sad, mute ghost who befriends a sullen teenager (Jahi Winston). The film throws in hostile government agents and a subplot about what happened when Ernest died; a passable adventure, but goes on much too long. 

2023-U.S. VOD. 126 min. Color. Widescreen. Written and directed by Christopher Landon. Short Story: Geoff Manaugh (”Ernest”). Cast: David Harbour (Ernest), Jahi Winston (Kevin Presley), Anthony Mackie (Frank Presley), Tig Notaro, Isabella Russo, Erica Ash… Jennifer Coolidge.

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