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The Abyss


Tuva Novotny. Photo: SF Studios

In Sweden’s northernmost city, a place dominated by its huge iron-ore mine, there are disturbing signs of impending catastrophe. Kiruna and its strange history is the right location for this disaster movie that, much like several recent Norwegian genre pieces, finds danger below our feet. OK visual effects, a solid performance by Tuva Novotny as the mine’s chief security officer and a few white-knuckle sequences make the film satisfying enough, in spite of its well-worn formula and a somewhat emotionally stunted ending. 

2023-Sweden. 103 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed by Richard Holm. Screenplay: Richard Holm, Robin Sherlock Holm, Nicola Sinclair. Cast: Tuva Novotny (Frigga Vibenius), Kardo Razzazi (Dabir), Peter Franzén (Tage), Felicia Maxime, Edvin Ryding, Tintin Poggats Sarri… Göran Gillinger. Narrated by Katarina Ewerlöf. 

Trivia: Original title: Avgrunden.

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