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Maj Berg (Ulla Jacobsson), who’s in charge of a fashion firm, realizes that she’s being stalked by a man who’s recently strangled a woman. At the time of the premiere, this thriller earned comparisons with international films, the most obvious example being Gaslight (1944). Poorly paced, too repetitive and Arne Mattsson fails to make the most out of his strangler, a character that becomes too bland. It’s a pity, because the cast is pretty solid and the best ingredient is Georg Riedel’s creepy music, set to a few effective scenes in a darkly autumnal Stockholm.

1965-Sweden. 101 min. B/W. Directed by Arne Mattsson. Screenplay: Per Wahlöö, Arne Mattsson. Music: Georg Riedel. Cast: Ulla Jacobsson (Maj Berg), Gunnar Hellström (Per Berg), Sven Lindberg (Peter Storm), Mimi Pollak, Mona Malm, Tord Peterson.

Trivia: Original title: Nattmara.

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