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Shame on Dry Land

As Fredrik (Christopher Wagelin) prepares to get married in Malta, an old friend (Joel Spira) unexpectedly shows up, asking for forgiveness. A thriller in the vein of director Axel Petersén’s earlier films; expect upper-class environs, jaded characters and a story that doesn’t make much sense. This time, the people are his own age and at the heart of the film is a bond between two friends that heals as they become involved in dirty business among the Swedish expat community in Malta. At its best in the last half-hour when tension builds.

2023-Sweden-Malta. 91 min. Color. Written and directed by Axel Petersén. Cast: Joel Spira (Dimman), Christopher Wagelin (Fredrik), Julia Sporre (Sara), Jacqueline Ramel, Owen Sciriha, Tommy Nilsson.

Trivia: The film’s nonsense title is a direct translation of a Swedish expression that Petersén used as the film’s working title before settling on Syndabocken (”Scapegoat”).

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