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The Prisoner at Karlsten Fortress

When count de Faber (Nils Chrisander) learns that a professor (Manne Göthson) has invented a new kind of explosive, he travels to Sweden to make him an offer he can’t refuse… but he does, infuriating the count. A slow-moving adventure with a few interesting visual touches; it also makes excellent use of locations, including the Karlsten fortress on Sweden’s west coast. Chrisander is fine as the diabolical count, but the film’s weakest ingredient is the story. The count’s sudden infatuation with the professor’s daughter is more silly than anything.

1916-Sweden. Silent. 61 min. B/W. Directed by Georg af Klercker. Screenplay: Willy Grebst, Georg af Klercker. Cast: Nils Chrisander (Count de Faber), Maja Cassel (Mary Plussman), Manne Göthson (Johan Plussman), Arvid Hammarlund, Gustaf Bengtsson, Victor Arfvidson… Hugo Björne.

Trivia: Original title: Fången på Karlstens fästning.

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