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Börje: The Journey of a Legend


Swedish NHL legend Börje Salming collaborated with the filmmakers on this miniseries (and provides an emotionally satisfying cameo in the finale) that focuses on his rough childhood in northern Sweden and path to a successful career with the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 1970s. Violence becomes a part of his life on the ice; he also struggles with his identity and adapting to the stark difference between his upbringing and new chapter in a foreign country. Valter Skarsgård is excellent in the lead, ably supported by Hedda Stiernstedt as the woman who joins him on the journey. Meticulously crafted, with convincing period details.

2023-Sweden. 269 min. Color. Widescreen. Directed by Amir Chamdin. Teleplay: Martin Bengtsson. Cinematography: Crille Forsberg. Music: Niclas Frisk. Cast: Valter Skarsgård (Börje Salming), Hedda Stiernstedt (Margitta Wendin), Jason Priestley (Gerry MacNamara), Jack Langedijk, Oscar Skagerberg, A.C. Peterson… Rennie Mirro.

Trivia: Originally shown in six episodes.

Last word: “I met with Margitta. She is such a lovely and gracious person and she showed me a lot of personal pictures. But she is not a public person like Börje, there isn’t any documentation on her, no videos or interviews, etc. As an actress, that’s both good and bad. Bad because I have less to go from, but good for the same reason – I had much more artistic freedom than Valter in my portrayal.” (Stiernstedt, Odalisque Magazine)

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