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30 years after the sinking of the Estonia cruiseferry in the Baltic, one of the greatest maritime disasters in modern history, this limited series premiered – but offered little of genuine interest. As we follow bureaucratic bickering between representatives of the affected nations who are investigating the accident, flashbacks also take us back to the horrors of that stormy night. Fine cast, but mournful, slow and dark. There are times when the series captures what it must have been like to go through this nightmare, but it should have been far more engaging.

2023-Finland-Sweden-Belgium-Estonia. 336 min. Color. Created by Miikko Oikkonen. Directed by Måns Månsson, Juuso Syrjä. Cast: Jussi Nikkilä (Henri Peltonen), Anders Mossling (Erik Claeson), Katia Winter (Jenny Andersson), Peter Andersson, Claes Hartelius, Kaspar Velberg… Gerhard Hoberstorfer.

Trivia: Originally shown in eight episodes.

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