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Love Will Save Us

In rural southern Sweden in 1986, two 19-year-olds (Erik Svedberg-Zelman, Rebecca Plymholt) are in love, but their separate interests in synth-pop and photography are about to drive them apart. Music-video and documentary director Patrik Blomberg Book’s feature film debut is a personal low-budget project that tries to capture the early synth-pop scene and how it served as an escape and community for outsiders. The two leads are a decade older than their characters, and it shows, but on the whole the film overcomes its clichés. A heartfelt story, with lots of genre music, including the director’s own.

2024-Sweden. 94 min. Color. Widescreen. Written and directed, editing and music by Patrik Blomberg Book. Cast: Erik Svedberg-Zelman (Fredrik), Rebecca Plymholt (Nina), Anna Blomberg (Anita), Magnus Schmitz, Karin Lithman, Daniel Gustavsson.

Trivia: Original title: Düsseldorf, Skåne. Lukas Moodysson contributed as an advisor.

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