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I Was Monty’s Double


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Shortly before D-Day, the British government is trying to make Germany believe the Allies have chosen a different spot from Normandy; an actor, Clifton James, will pose as General Montgomery. Like Audie Murphy, the war hero who played himself in To Hell and Back (1955), James was hired to do the same in this story of how he came to serve as Monty’s double. In real life, the operation didn’t have much influence on events, and the kidnapping attempt in the film is entirely made up… but no one has ever really cared. Very entertaining (and exciting at times); James is game and John Mills provides charm as the operative who stages it all.

1958-U.K. 99 min. B/W. Produced by Maxwell Setton. Directed by John Guillermin. Screenplay: Bryan Forbes. Book: M.E. Clifton James. Cast: M.E. Clifton James, John Mills (Harvey), Cecil Parker (E.F. Logan), Patrick Allen, Patrick Holt, Leslie Phillips… Michael Hordern.

Trivia: Alternative title: Hell, Heaven or Hoboken. Montgomery appears in newsreel footage, but there are a few bits where James stands in as the field marshal. Mills’s character was based on David Niven, who served at the War Office and was the one who recruited James.

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