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Fire Island

Joel Kim Booster. Photo: Hulu

A group of gay friends are headed to Fire Island for the weekend, where Noah (Joel Kim Booster) aims to make sure Howie (Bowen Yang) gets laid. It may not sound like ”Pride and Prejudice” but it is, with Noah running into his Mr. Darcy (Conrad Ricamora) whom he immediately considers a bore. Booster originally intended to write a comedy series, but perhaps making a movie out of it was a better idea; this is frank and funny, with sharp observations about gay culture and the Asian-American experience as part of it. A very enjoyable cast, with a well-written part for Yang and pleasant Fire Island locations.

2022-U.S. VOD. 105 min. Color. Directed by Andrew Ahn. Screenplay: Joel Kim Booster. Cast: Joel Kim Booster (Noah), Bowen Yang (Howie), Conrad Ricamora (Will), Margaret Cho, James Scully, Matt Rogers. 

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